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Tropical Waters Pools has joined forces with Aquaman Pools

Comprehensive Swimming Pool Services in Phoenix Valley

We’re a proud and locally run company right over in Gilbert. So guess what?! We’re literally your friendly neighborhood pool service company! We service both the East and West Valley with regular weekly maintenance.

So why trust some other company that can’t back up their work with a guarantee? Aquaman Pools stands by their work fully and you see that in our 200+ 5-star reviews online. Have you checked them recently? People are talking about Aquaman Pools and making the switch!

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Being a reliable and trustworthy company for pool repair in Phoenix is important to us. We want you as the customer to never question whether or not the work you paid for was done. We know you won’t always be home when we come by and we want to give you the peace of mind that our work is being done even if you don’t see it for yourself. In order to do that for you, we have set up a system to where our techs will always send a post-service email that alerts you when the service has been completed and what work was done. If necessary, pictures will be included as well. We want to keep communication with our customers open and honest at all times and will always answer any questions you may have regarding services completed on your pool. 

Overview of Our Pool Care

Pool Pump Repair & Install
Your pool’s pump is what keeps your pool running smoothly. You can think of it as the heart of your pool. Similar to how our heart pumps blood throughout our body in order to live, a pool needs a pump for the same reason. Our techs doing pool repair in Phoenix are experienced and can help you point out the various signs of a poorly running pool pump.
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Pool Filter Repair & Install
Pool Filters work with the pump to keep the water clean and clear. There are three types of Pool filters – Sand Filter, Cartridge Filter, or DE Filter. Each filter has its different needs and we are here to help you go over each one in order to decide which is suitable for your pool’s needs.
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Green Pool
A green pool can occur due to a handful of reasons. Most common is improper PH balance of your pool water which allows algae and bacteria to grow. Fixing a green pool immediately is important so it doesn’t cause more damage or stain your pool’s lining.
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Pool Heater Repair & Install
Enjoying your pool year round can be done thanks to a pool heater. Aquaman Pools' techs can take proper care of your pool through regular maintenance in order to ensure a long life for your heater. However, they don’t last forever and when it’s time for a replacement, we are here to help.
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Acid Wash
We recommend getting a professional acid wash done in the off-season when your pool isn’t being used regularly. An acid wash can remove tough calcium, bacteria, and stains from your pools surface that hinder your pools appearance and affect the pool’s chemistry.
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Pool Tile Repair & Cleaning
Broken or cracked pool tiles? We are equipped for many types of pool remodels and pool tiles are one of them. Replacing old pool tiles for new ones can give your swimming pool an updated look without doing a complete remodel. Fixing chipped tiles is also important to avoid further damage to your pool. We also offer professional tile cleanings that can remove hard calcium & stains.
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Pool Decking
Pool decking not only gives you an area to lounge, but it creates a complete look and style for your pool. Whether you need your current decking repaired or you want to get all new decking, we got you covered. Decking comes in many different types of materials and we will work with you to help you decide on the best one for your pool.
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Pool Plastering
Your pool’s plaster is said to be a barrier between the water and the foundation beneath it. The plaster should be smooth to the touch and should last for years if done correctly. However, age, improper pool maintenance, or a poor plaster job done initially, can result in the need for new plaster. If ignored, it can lead to a variety of issues and cost you more money down the road.
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As a company doing pool repair in Phoenix, we take it very seriously that we have the necessary licensing and credentials in order to operate safely and successfully. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our license info can be found below. 

ROC #311651

Pool Service Satisfaction Guaranteed


About Us

Aquaman Pools ensures a high standard for quality is the lifeblood of their business by taking care of their employees and treating them like family. When you choose Aquaman Pools, you are getting professional and fully equipped pool technicians that want to give your pool the best care possible. We take pride in being a top choice for pool repair in Phoenix and all of its neighboring cities. Whether it’s weekly pool maintenance, a plumbing repair, acid wash, etc., our techs will communicate with you every step of the way and will always send a post-service email with details on everything done. We want you to enjoy your pool. Let us do the rest.

We service customers in Phoenix, GilbertChandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Chandler Heights & more!


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