How Often Should You Have Your Swimming Pool Cleaned?

Keeping your swimming pool clean and maintained can easily fall behind like many household chores. However, if you do, you’ll end up with a serious issue. It is advisable to clean your swimming pool every week. You should vacuum, skim, test the water, and clean out baskets as part of these tasks. A busy person may find this too much to handle every week. Your weekly pool cleaning will be handled by our team of swimming pool maintenance professionals without you having to do anything.

Benefits of Hiring a Company for Swimming Pool Maintenance

Hiring a professional swimming pool maintenance company will ensure that your pool stays in great condition for a long time. Consistent cleaning performed by highly skilled technicians will make a big difference. Hiring a pool maintenance company offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increase the longevity of your swimming pool and equipment
  • Avoid health risks caused by bacterial buildup or chemical imbalance
  • Enhance the shining beauty of your pool’s clear water
  • Catch problems with your swimming pool early
  • Skip the hassle of doing it yourself
Aerial view of a pool cleaner cleaning a pool in Coolidge

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Just $150/Month

At Aquaman Pools, we consider swimming pool maintenance to be the foundation of what we do. In his early career, our founder and owner worked as a pool tech. We have been providing high-quality swimming pool maintenance for over 15 years. Our clients choose us year after year because they know they can rely on us to make their swimming pool maintenance automatic. Monthly maintenance plans are available for $150.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Includes:

Test water

Balance chemicals 

Skim surface

Brush walls & tiles


Clean pump basket

Clean skimmer baskets


Add Chemicals

Inspect pool equipment

Our Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Our weekly pool maintenance services are thorough when Aquaman Pools is in charge. As part of our swimming pool maintenance checklist, we ensure that the pool is left sparkling and ready for use. To keep your swimming pool looking great and working well, we follow a step-by-step process. Our technicians will come out weekly to maintain your swimming pool and perform the services listed below.

Skimming the Surface

Skimming your swimming pool’s surface is the first step in our weekly maintenance process. I’m sure you’re familiar with this tedious task. From the largest sticks to the smallest leaves, our team will remove all foreign objects from your pool. In many cases, people forget to skim their pools, which makes them look messy and can damage their equipment. Objects that are too large can block your pool’s skimmer system and decrease circulation. Therefore, you should skim your swimming pool at least once a week.

Scrubbing the Walls

To remove algae and grime from your swimming pool, Aquaman Pools uses telescoping scrubbers and brushes. This essential pool maintenance task keeps your water looking cleaner and reduces the chance of excessive bacterial growth. Our brush heads are capable of cleaning tile surfaces, fiberglass surfaces, and vinyl surfaces without damaging them.

Vacuuming the Bottom

You should vacuum your swimming pool at least once a week to prevent heavy debris and scum from building up. Our professional vacuums can reach every corner of your swimming pool and remove built-up dirt and filth. The process is typically performed after scrubbing because scrubbing will dislodge scum and particles, which will sink to the bottom of the pool.

Cleaning the Skimmer Basket

In your pool’s skimmer basket, debris is caught before being sucked into the pump. Skimmer baskets that are not cleaned will clog and restrict water flow into your swimming pool’s pumps. For a fresh pool, water circulation is crucial. A lack of circulation will result in stagnant water. It is possible for a fully clogged skimmer basket to damage the pump of your swimming pool if the situation is severe enough. When we do pool maintenance, we make sure your skimmer basket is completely cleaned out.

Clearing Out the Pump Basket

Although your skimmer basket will catch most large debris floating in your pool, some will slip through the main drain. In this situation, your pump basket is very useful. Before the water goes into your pump, it acts as a backup filter to catch any final particles or debris. In order to prevent damage to the pump, you want this water to be spotless. During our weekly pool maintenance visits, we always empty your pump basket.

Backwashing the Filter

As part of our weekly maintenance plan, we provide backwashing services. Regularly washing your pool’s filter system will revitalize it and allow it to keep filtering water. It involves reversing the flow of water through the system, allowing it to wash out all the debris accumulated over time. At Aquaman Pools, our technicians can identify when this is needed.

Testing Water

A delicate balance of chemicals keeps your swimming pool clean and fresh. Without routine testing, your pool’s chemicals could become out of whack. As a result, cloudy water or even irritating skin burns could develop. Each week, our team will check the pH and chlorine levels in your swimming pool.

Balancing Chemicals

When your swimming pool’s chemicals are out of balance, swimming might not be safe until they are corrected. Our technicians will know exactly what to do if we receive irregular pool water test results during our weekly visits. To ensure that your swimming pool is perfectly balanced, we will add additional chemicals.

Add Chemicals

A chlorine floater in your swimming pool is one of the easiest things for homeowners to forget to refill. With Aquaman Pools as your weekly pool maintenance company, you never have to worry about it again. The chlorine floater is checked at every visit. Whenever it gets low, we’ll refill it for you.

Inspecting Equipment

During our work on your swimming pool equipment, we’ll check it to ensure it’s working properly. When it comes to swimming pool repairs, it is best to catch them early. Leaving pool problems unattended can lead to larger and more costly problems in the future. Whenever necessary, we can even provide you with repairs if something is broken.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Your Area

As a leading swimming pool maintenance company serving the entire Phoenix Valley, we are proud to offer our services to you. There is a good chance you have seen one of our trucks around Tempe, Avendale, Anthem, or San Tran Valley. Our goal is to help as many pool owners as possible. We provide services in the following areas:


Post-Service Email

As a pool care company, we understand how significant it is for you to trust and rely on us. There will never be a time when we leave you wondering whether or not your pool has been serviced that week. While we don’t expect you to always be at home when our techs visit, we want to give you the peace of mind that we are working on your home even if you aren’t there.

With this in mind, our techs have set up a system where they will always send you a post-service email notifying you when the service is complete, what was done, and what your pool water’s chemical levels are. We will also include pictures. We strive to keep communication with our customers open and honest at all times, and we will always answer any questions you may have.

Get Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance for $150/Month!

Every homeowner should be able to access swimming pool maintenance services. When you don’t have to struggle with weekly skimming, chemical balancing, and filter cleaning, your experience as a swimming pool owner will be endlessly enhanced. For a low monthly fee of $150, we will take care of your pool every week.

Need Commercial Maintenance?

The Aquaman Pools team of commercial pool specialists provides multi-day, weekly pool and spa maintenance, as well as janitorial services. Our team can repair and upgrade your pool and equipment. Our reports include water chemistry and pictures of each body of water after every visit to your swimming pool, spa, and associated equipment.

Why Choose Aquaman Pools?

As your friendly neighborhood pool service company, we’re here to help! With regular weekly maintenance, we serve Gilbert and surrounding areas. Have any questions? Check out our FAQ! Getting your Gilbert pool back to its sparkling best is as simple as contacting us.