Swimming Pool Water Testing & Chemical Balancing in Phoenix, AZ

Owning a pool is a major responsibility. You have to make sure your filter is running at the right pressure, that the water level in the pool is right, keep the skimmer basket empty, adjust the filter timer according to the season, and keep the pool clean, just to name a few maintenance duties. It may be tempting to overlook the chemical balance of the water. However, pool water testing in Phoenix and the surrounding areas is extremely important. Why? When the water and chlorine aren’t in proper chemical balance, it can severely irritate eyes and skin, and become dangerous to swallow. Pool water testing keeps your pool water safe for you and your family, and it also keeps the water clear and inviting.

At Aquaman Pools, we offer routine pool water testing for residential and commercial pools. Our experts will ensure that your pool water is not only pristine, but perfectly balanced as well. Keep your pool beautiful and safe by calling us today!

Technician testing pool water chemicals

How Often to Test Pool Water

You should check your pool water regularly and whenever you are in doubt of its chemical balance. Here are some other tips regarding testing frequency:

  • Commercial PoolsCommercial pools (hotel pools, apartment/condo pools, resorts etc.) should be tested at least once a day.
  • Home Pools – If you use your pool more than once a day, you should be checking the chemical balance 4-5 times a week.
  • Off-Season – In the fall and winter, you may not be using your pool at all. Even with seasonal non-use, you should still be testing the water about once a week.
  • Parties and Gatherings – If you’re planning to throw a pool party, it’s important that you check the chemical balance of the water both before and after the gathering.


What if you don’t test your pool water as often as you should? What if you are not doing it properly? There are a lot of problems that can arise from chemical imbalances. For example, if your sanitizer levels are too low, green algae will start to become visible on the pool liner. Pink algae can begin to grow as a result of chemical imbalance, as well. When the alkaline levels in your pool water are off, it can even cause a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes when you swim. And of course, your water will start to look murky and discolored when the chemicals are off.

Contact Aquaman Pools for Pool Water Testing

You can buy pool testing and chemical kits from your local pool supply store, but unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Incorrect chemical balance can cause detrimental effects to your pool water and the pool equipment. At Aquaman Pools, we provide professional and detail-oriented pool water testing in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. We service commercial and residential pools, and we can ensure that your pool water is safe and ready to enjoy. Give us a call today!