What Should All New Pool Owners Have?

Here in Arizona, a swimming pool can be found in most people’s backyards. With our high temperatures in the summer, a pool is sometimes the only way to cool down. While there are public pool’s available, having your own can make staying cool easier. Not only will it keep you cool, but pools can also be the place for relaxation or the center of a backyard gathering. Regardless of why you got it, you should understand the importance of proper pool maintenance. At Aquaman Pools, we recommend always having the following items on hand.

New Pool Owner Starter Kit

Skimmer Net: No matter the amount of foliage you have in your backyard, leaves and debris will find their way into your pool. In order to remove these contaminants, you’ll need to have a skimmer net handy. Ideally, you should skim the surface of your pool water every day. However, we recommend skimming at least once a week. Skimming is a simple way to help keep your pool clean and helps avoid debris buildup that can lead to damaged equipment.

Pool Brush: Not only does debris float on top of the water, it can make its way down and cling to the sides and steps of your pool. A pool brush can be used to loosen the dirt and debris in order for the pool vacuum to catch it. You should brush the pool’s walls, steps, and tiles. We recommend using a stainless steel wired brush for all in-ground pools.

Pool Vacuum: Once the dirt is loosened, a pool vacuum will allow you to suck it up out of the water. You can purchase a manual vacuum and do it yourself or you can get an automatic one. If you get an automatic vacuum, you may still want to manually vacuum once a week to ensure all dirt is removed. If purchasing an automatic vacuum, make sure to look into which is best suited for your specific pool.

Pool Water Test Kit: A crucial part of keeping your pool clean and healthy, is proper chemical balance. You should keep a pool water test kit on hand so you can regularly check the levels of each chemical. There are various kinds of test kits but a basic one should suffice for most pool owners.

Chlorine Tab Floater: One of the most important chemicals for your pool is Chlorine. The easiest way to add chlorine to your pool is to use a Chlorine Tablet Floater. All you do is place a few Chlorine tabs into the floater and place the floater in your pool. The floater will distribute the chlorine throughout your pool, keeping it clean and sanitized.

Professional Pool Service: If you don’t want the stress of worrying about pool maintenance, we recommend hiring a professional pool service. Having a knowledgeable professional handle your pool maintenance will ensure it receives proper care. At Aquaman Pools, our hardworking techs strive to give every pool the best treatment possible. They take those extra steps to keep your pool clean and always inspect equipment to ensure proper function. If you ever have questions they are happy to answer them and are open to educating you about your pool. With our help, you can enjoy your pool, and we’ll handle everything else with the pool maintenance!