Pool Tile Repair in the Phoenix Valley

Cracked, damaged, and discolored tiles in your swimming pool look bad. Even worse, they can compromise the structure and seal of your swimming pool, causing further problems if not repaired. Here, you can learn what to know about pool tile repair in Phoenix Valley from Aquaman Pools, the area’s leading pool tile repair service team. We can help you find replacements that blend in seamlessly. Our team can even help you replace all the tiling in your pool with our pool tile replacement services. It’s a great way to give your entire swimming pool a facelift. Find out more about our pool tile repair services.

The Importance of Pool Tile Repairs

It’s easy to overlook the importance of pool tile repairs. When you notice a little hairline crack in a pool tile, you might think it’s no big deal. While a small crack may not significantly impact your pool’s overall appearance, it can cause many problems with your swimming pool. As the water slowly seeps into your tile, it will compromise the bonding under the surrounding tiles and can even damage the foundation of the swimming pool.

Signs Your Pool Needs Tile Repairs

Sometimes it’s clear that your pool tiles need to be repaired or replaced, such as when they have large cracks or start falling off the walls. Other times, there may be more subtle signs that you need to repair your swimming pool Tiles. Some signs that you might need swimming pool tile repair services include:

  • Cracks: Cracks are the most obvious sign that you need pool tile repairs. Whether big or small, cracks could be a sign of a deeper problem with your pool’s foundation.
  • Deposits: Sometimes, hard water deposits can become so unmanageable that replacing the tiles and starting again with a clean slate is the best option.
  • Loose tiles: When tiles become loose or begin to fall off, it often means there is an issue with mortar or grout holding the tiles in place.
  • Discoloration: When your swimming pool tiles become discolored due to algae or chemical imbalances, the best way to renew the color is to replace the discolored tiles.

A Highly Skilled Tile Repair Company

Aquaman Pools has a world-class team of swimming pool tile experts. We can help you with any type of swimming pool tiling project, from laying the tiles on your new pool to replacing them years later. Learn more about each of our pool tile services below.

Installing Tiles for New Pools

We can help you lay all the tiling when installing your new pool. We offer many different colors, sizes, and textures, and our installation team uses proven methods to get the most stunning results. We can help you pick out the right type of tile for your pool and explain the proper maintenance to ensure it doesn’t lose its color.

Repairing Damaged or Discolored Tiles

Our experienced swimming pool repair team can fix any problem you are having with your swimming pool tiling. We can replace specific sections of damaged tiles and address any problems with your swimming pool’s chemical balance that might damage the tiles or surrounding grout.

Replace the Tiling in Your Pool

Replacing the tiling on or around your swimming pool can be an easy and affordable way to give it a makeover. When you decide to replace your tiles, you can pick any color or texture, completely changing the appearance of your swimming pool. Aquaman Pool offers elite pool tile replacement services.

How Do Professional Tile Repairs Work?

If you have never needed to repair or replace your swimming pool tiles, you might not know what to expect. We will make the entire process easy to understand and explain every step to you along the way. When we are done, no one will know that a section of tiles was replaced. Here are the steps to our tile repair process.

Step 1: Finding Matching Replacement Tiles

First, we help you find matching tiles. We have access to countless types of tiles in many different colors. We can help you find one that matches the color and texture of your pool. If the area surrounding the replaced tiles is discolored from age or chemical burns, finding a color that will blend in flawlessly can be difficult. In those cases, you may want to replace the discolored tiles too.

Step 2: Removing Damaged Tiles

Next, we need to remove the damaged tiles. At this stage of the process, we take great care not to damage any of the surrounding tiles. We scrape away any grout and mortar underneath it. At the same time, we will clean the surface beneath it to ensure it is clean and ready for the new tiles.  

Step 3: Placing New Tiles

We place the new tiles and surround them with the ground and other bonding agents. Our team has tried-and-true methods for ensuring the most precise alignment of the tiles we lay. Whether we are replacing a single tile or an entire section, we ensure that they are all in the perfect place.

Step 4: Fixing the Underlying Problem

Before a pool tiling repair project is complete, we need to address the underlying problem. Many things can cause your swimming pool’s tiles to crack over time. Sometimes, it is just a matter of stress from changes in temperature and the ground expanding and contracting. Other times, it could be a sign of a deeper problem, such as a crack in the foundation of your swimming pool. Our swimming pool service team will help you diagnose the cause of the damage to your tiles and offer you solutions to help you reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

Repairing vs. Replacing

If you have some damaged or discolored tiles in your swimming pool, you might be wondering whether it is better to repair them or replace all the tiling in your swimming pool. Our pool tile repair service team can offer spot repairs for single tiles by themselves. However, there are many benefits to replacing your tiling over repairing, such as matching coloring and giving you the opportunity to update the appearance of your pool.

Can I Do My Own Pool Tile Repair?

If you are a handy and ambitious pool owner, you might be asking, “Can I do my own pool tile repairs?” You probably shouldn’t. Our professional pool tile repair company has spent decades learning and mastering the craft of pool tiling. Retiling a pool is more complicated than laying tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. You need to consider the exposure to chemicals, the source of the tile damage, and many other complex factors. When you have damaged pool tiles, it is best to rely on a professional pool tile repair service team.

Advantages of Hiring a Pool Company for Pool Tile Repairs

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a pool company for pool tile repair services. A team of pros, like Aquaman Pools, can give you higher-quality results than an amateur job. Many DIY pool tile repairs fail to use the right watertight and chemical-resistant materials. As a result, their pool tile repairs end up being shoddy and causing further damage to the swimming pool. On top of that, a pool tile repair company can help you select tiles that match better, last longer, and suit your swimming pool.

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