Pool Acid Washing Services in the Phoenix Valley Area

Many things can cause the surface of your swimming pool to become stained or discolored, from algae growth to chemical buildup. This will dull the surfaces of your swimming pool and make it look older and dirtier than it actually is. An acid wash is the best and most affordable way to freshen up stained and discolored swimming pools. Aquaman Pools provides pool acid washing services in the Phoenix Valley area. Learn more about the benefits of acid washing your swimming pool.

Generally, pool stains are caused by a lack of pool maintenance, metals from equipment, algae, or an imbalance in chemicals. If you find that your pool has developed stains due to any of these causes, an Acid Wash might be a great way to remove them.

What Is a Swimming Pool Acid Wash?

Acid washing offers heavy-duty cleaning of your swimming pool’s surfaces. While it will make your swimming pool look cleaner, it is actually focused primarily on stain removal. Acid washing uses muriatic acid to remove the thinnest layer of your swimming pool walls and floors. This strips away stained surfaces and leaves you with a fresh layer of plaster that looks brand new.

When Is a Pool Acid Wash Necessary?

How do you know when your pool needs an acid wash? It is not always easy to tell. The first thing you should do is thoroughly clean your swimming pool. If your swimming pool surfaces look stained, they may just need a cleaning from our professional swimming pool maintenance team. The biggest indicator that you need acid washing is when you notice sections of discoloration, no matter how hard you scrub. However, you should not perform acid washing more than once every five years, as it will decrease the lifespan of your swimming pool’s surface.  

How Pool Acid Washing Works

Pool acid washing might look like a simple process, but it is a meticulous application of acidic chemicals. Our team is extremely careful to apply an even layer of muriatic acid until it eats away any stained or discolored patches of plaster. We are always careful to wash away all excess chemicals afterward and test your swimming pool’s water to guarantee its health and safety.

What Type of Surfaces Can Be Acid Washed?

Only certain types of swimming pools are good candidates for acid washing. The best swimming pools for acid washing are inground plaster, pebble, and quartz swimming pools. These respond well to the acid washing process. The types of pools you should avoid acid washing are those with vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic, or painted surfaces. They will often be damaged by the muriatic acid involved in acid washing.

What Type of Algae and Stains Will Acid Washing Remove?

Because of the heavy-duty chemical process involved in acid washing, nearly any type of stain or discoloration can be fixed. Some types of stains, such as magnesium and copper, are especially common in swimming pools. Acid washing should be avoided with issues such as cracking, flaking, or other defects in the surface. Below is a list of the types of stains we commonly remove with our pool acid washing services. 

Magnesium Stains

If you have pink, red, or black marks in our pool, you might have magnesium stains. These can occur if your source of water naturally has too much magnesium in it. Magnesium stains can make your swimming pool look like it has dirty spots, no matter how many times you clean it. The only way to really remove a magnesium stain forever is with pool acid washing.

Copper Stains

When your water has too much copper, your swimming pool will develop streaks of brown, blue, green, or black. These copper deposits become scars on your otherwise spotless swimming pool. There isn’t any typical pool cleaning chemical that will totally remove these stains from your swimming pool surfaces. Luckily, Aquaman Pools regularly eliminates copper stains from our clients’ swimming pools. When we perform acid washing, copper stains completely disappear.

Hard Water Stains and Deposits

Pool acid washing services can clean away the worst hard water stains and residue. As calcium in your water is deposited onto your pool walls and floors, it can form a very scummy appearance. When above water, it may look more like a white, rocky buildup. The presence of these deposits will make your water cloudy and affect the balance of your pH levels.

Algae Growth

Algae growth is the most common culprit when it comes to swimming pool stains. The process of acid washing will eat away at the green, yellow, and brown patches left behind by algae growth. When algae has caused stains on the surface of your pool, you should consider the underlying cause of the growth. In order to avoid algae growth stains in the future, you should consider getting professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services on a regular basis.

What Are the Benefits of Acid Washing Your Pool?

Acid washing your swimming pool offers many benefits. The biggest one is the pristine new appearance of your swimming pool. After it has become discolored and aged, you may feel like the only option is resurfacing, but acid washing is an affordable alternative. The acid washing process can be done every five years, making your swimming pool look brand new and completely free of stains.  

How Often Should I Acid Wash My Pool?

No routine schedule for acid washing a swimming pool exists for everyone. You may never need to acid wash your swimming pool if you have routinely scheduled swimming pool maintenance. So, you should think of it more as an occasional enhancement and less like a routine part of your swimming pool maintenance. Acid washing your swimming pool every five years is a way to continually keep it fresh without compromising the thickness of your surface material.

Why You Need a Professional to Acid Wash Your Pool

If you are an ambitious DIYer, you might wonder why you need a pool maintenance professional to acid wash your pool. Aquaman Pools strongly warns homeowners against performing this crucial swimming pool service on their own. While in the hands of experienced professionals, the chemicals used in acid washing are safe. However, they can become very dangerous if misused. On top of that, a misapplication of muriatic acid can result in damage or patchy discoloration. Acid washing is best left to the pros.

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