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Scottsdale, Arizona is a city in Arizona that sometimes gets overlooked amidst the more well-known parts of Arizona. Although it didn’t officially become a city until 1951, it is now the sixth largest cities in Arizona. Scottsdale stands out from the rest with its reputation of having a high quality of life. In 1993, the U.S. Conference of Mayors even named it one of the “Most Livable Cities”. Being one of the larger cities in Arizona makes it easy to make the assumption that the population is rather dense as well. With more people, comes more pools, so it’s no surprise that quality pool service is always needed.

Known for its higher quality of life, Scottsdale offers a more upscale lifestyle. It is home to many fine resorts, fancy restaurants, lots of shopping, art, high-class golf courses, and night clubs. One of the more popular areas of this city is known as Old Town, Scottsdale. Old Town is a worth while destination during the day and still is at night. While the sun is out, there are countless restaurants and shops to browse. The shopping is unique as it ranges from locally made Native American Jewelry to High Fashion stores for you to splurge. If you are more of a night owl, Old Town also offers you a beautiful night out on the town. You can start out on a local party bus with music and drinks to get warmed up for the night ahead. Once you’re ready, you can make your way towards the party center of Old Town. This part has multiple clubs that all offer a different vibe. Whether you’re feeling country, techno, or Hip-Hop, theres a spot for you. You’ll have the best time as you hop between clubs and can head over to the local taco stand for food before you head back home. What is also great about Old Town is how close everything is throughout. Once you arrive, it’s super easy to get from destination to destination within with the help of pedicabs or even just on foot.

If day shopping or nightclubs aren’t your thing, Scottsdale also offers some great outdoor fun. Just like many cities in Arizona, hiking is a popular activity with the locals and those who are just here to visit. In Scottsdale, you should consider checking out the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, which is home to 5 trailheads that connect more than 200 miles of trails. If it’s rather hot outside, you can also go cool off in the Salt River for a day. The Salt River is perfect for tubing or kayaking and we recommend you don’t forget food and drinks because you’ll want to spend the whole day enjoying the view.

Scottsdale has a lot to offer and if you plan to move to Arizona, you should definitely consider Scottsdale as your new home. If Scottsdale becomes your new home, it’s almost inevitable you’ll find yourself with a pool at some point to help you cool off during those hot summer months. When that time comes around, we recommend hiring a professional to take care of your pool service so all you have to worry about is enjoying it. If you do so, make sure to check out one of the top local companies for pool repair in Scottsdale.

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