Swimming Pool Inspection Services in Phoenix, Arizona

With the near year-round hot weather we get here in Phoenix, it’s extremely important to have your pool inspected on a regular basis. Phoenix pools are some of the hardest-working pools in the country, so it stands to reason that they get more than their fair share of wear and tear.

Here at Aquaman Pools, we know how important pool inspections are, and that’s why we offer reasonable prices for professional pool inspections, which are essential given the harsh Arizona sun. Our pool inspection service will ensure that your pool is safe, in good working order, and will extend the life of its various components. Plus, we make sure that our work is prompt, so you can start enjoying your pool right away. Find out more about our inspection service by calling us today!

Technician performing pool inspection

Do I Need a Pool Inspection?

If you have a pool, you do need to have your pool inspected on a regular basis. As long as your pool is getting monthly or weekly maintenance, you should only need a formal inspection once a year. But why are pool inspections important? They make sure your pool is safe and up to code. They will also alert you to any repairs that need to be made, and therefore, prolong the life of the pool. Pool inspections include checking out the decking as well, so slipping hazards are removed. An inspection will also let you know whether you have a leak in your pool system which could be causing your water bill to spike. In the end, a pool inspection may actually save you money by helping you negate costly repairs and lowering your utility bills. Most importantly, pool inspections are necessary for the safe use of your pool.

Our Swimming Pool Inspection Checklist

Aquaman Pools offers a thorough pool inspection service. Take a look at an overview of what our inspections entail:

  • The Interior – It’s important to check the interior lining of the pool for cracks, as they may cause leaks.
  • Pool Decking – We also check for broken tiles and coping in the pool deck to minimize slip-and-fall risks.
  • Periphery Features – Our team is also qualified to inspect fountains and infinity edges.
  • Heating Inspection – If you have a pool heater, we can make sure it’s working properly and efficiently.
  • Filters and Pumps – Your pool’s filter/pump system is vital to the quality and circulation of the water.
  • Plumbing – Leaks may occur in the plumbing lines that feed your pool. We check to make sure these lines are in good working order and that there are no leaks.
  • Pool Lighting – We want to make sure you get the most use and enjoyment out of your pool, so we also check the lighting system.
  • Pool Perimeter – There are sometimes signs of damage near the pool, like damp spots in your lawn. We check the area immediately around the pool to make sure everything looks the way it should.

Contact Aquaman Pools for Your Pool Inspection

There are certain safety codes and regulations for your pool, and we can help keep your pool in full compliance here at Aquaman Pools. Our friendly technicians will carry out your pool inspection in a timely and respectful manner, and we are always happy to offer maintenance tips. For professional and friendly pool inspections in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, give us a call!