Pool Service and Pool Cleaning in Gold Canyon, AZ

Gold Canyon Pool Cleaning When You Need It

Pool ownership can feel like an overwhelming and time-consuming part of your life. For proper upkeep and maintenance, we recommend that pools should be cleaned at least weekly. If you fall behind this regular cleaning schedule, a little problem like full pool skimmer baskets or minor chemical imbalance can turn into a major problem.

Aquaman Pools is here to come to the rescue! For just $150 a month, we’ll provide you with the weekly maintenance and cleaning that’s recommended for residential pools in Gold Canyon. We have nearly two decades of experience maintaining pools in Arizona and the reputation to back it up.

Our weekly pool maintenance services include the following and more:

  • We’ll skim the surface of your pool.
  • Our technicians scrub the grime from your pool walls.
  • Vacuuming the pool all the way to the bottom is key for cleanliness.
  • We clear out your skimmer baskets and pump basket.
  • Any home’s pool is only as fresh as its chemical balance. Aquaman Pools will test and balance your pool chemicals every week.

Pool Service, Repairs, and Remodeling

When you need more than regular weekly pool cleaning and maintenance, you know who to call! Our technicians are always licensed, bonded, and insured.

Gold Canyon Pool Repairs

We have great company pride in how many homeowners we’ve helped with our pool repair services in central Arizona. It’s no exaggeration when we say we can repair any pool problem you might be facing. Here are just a few of the most common repairs we provide.

  • Pool Pump Repair – From motor replacements to leak repairs to replacements and installations, your pool pump is in safe hands with Aquaman.
  • Acid Wash – If the surface of your pool tiles is discolored or stained, an acid wash treatment might be right for you. In particular, acid wash is great for removing copper stains, magnesium stains, hard-water stains, and algal growth.
  • Pool Deck Repair – Not everyone thinks to call a pool repair company to handle their backyard deck, but we can handle that too!
Technician performing pool inspection

As an unincorporated community, Gold Canyon, Arizona may not technically be a city, but it’s an exciting and growing new spot on the map all the same. From the golf course to the gorgeous canyon hikes to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, it’s no wonder that our community is so popular. 

Whether you’re new to Gold Canyon or a long-time resident, Aquaman Pools has got you covered with our commercial and residential pool services.

Pool Remodeling Services

Sometimes, there’s no problem in need of a repair, just a desire for something new and fresh. We get lots of calls from new Gold Canyon residents looking to give their backyard pool a makeover. Our team at Aquaman Pools are the pool remodel experts. Just look at this recent pool remodel before and after we did in the Phoenix area!

  Photo of pool in sunny backyard with blue tile and patio umbrella

If You’ve Got a Pool Problem, Aquaman Has The Solution

Even if we haven’t discussed it here yet, we can almost certainly handle any pool problem you might be facing. Our pool water testing service is great for diagnosing a mystery problem you can’t quite figure out. Pool resurfacing in Gold Canyon is a subset of pool remodeling that replaces your pool’s surfaces with new tile, plaster, fiberglass, or another material. If it’s about pools, we can do it.

Aquaman Pools is committed to providing outstanding customer service and top-notch pool care in Gold Canyon to all of our customers. Get started today!

Looking for Pool Services Outside of Gold Canyon?

Aquaman Pools also services the following cities: