Pool Pump Repair Services in the Phoenix Valley Area

Your swimming pool relies on an intricate system of equipment to keep it running. Your pump is one of the most complicated devices. When it breaks, the average pool owner doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, Aquaman Pools offers pool pump repair services in the Phoenix Valley area. We can repair almost any problem with your pump, from leaks to clogged impellers. If your pump is beyond the point of repair, we will help you with the pool pump replacement project. Learn more about our pool pump services.

What Does a Pool Pump Do?

Swimming pool pumps are often compared to the heart because they are responsible for your swimming pool’s circulation. The pump pulls water from your swimming pool. Then, it moves the water through any filters, heaters, or other equipment. Finally, the pump returns fresh water to your swimming pool via your jets.


Pool Pump Install & Repair in Gilbert, AZ

Signs That You Need Pool Pump Repair Services

It is best to catch pump problems early. When your pump is malfunctioning, your pool may not get the clean water it needs. The lack of circulation can cause algae to accumulate and the water to get cloudy. Even worse, a malfunctioning pump can become damaged if it continues to operate, possibly causing the motor to overheat. Below you can find some of the signs that you need pool pump repair services.

Noises Coming From Your Pump

While your pump might make a humming noise when operating, it should not be too loud. If you notice any screeching or loud gurgling noises coming from your pump, it might need repairs. When your motor breaks, it may start to squeal, and when your pump doesn’t have enough water, it will make a gargling or sucking sound. These are signs that you need a professional.

An Aging Pump

On average, swimming pool pumps last about five years. When your pump is older than this, it might be sluggish or ineffective. If you have trouble keeping your pool clean or notice weak jets, that might indicate that your pool pump is outdated. We can help pick a replacement pump and install it for you.

High or Low Pressure in Your Pump

Your pump should have a consistent buildup of pressure, which you can read from the pressure indicator. This is typically a round gauge that measures pressure in PSI. The typical pool pump should read between 10 and 20 PSI. When the pressure is low, you will have a weak flow of water. When it is high, it is often a sign that your filter is clogged.

Discolored Pool Water

When your pool’s pump stops working, your pool does not receive a constant supply of freshly cleaned water. This lack of circulation often creates cloudiness or discoloration in your pool’s water. Stagnant water is more inviting for algae and bacterial growth. On top of that, the reduced circulation allows particles to settle into the pool instead of being moved into your filter.

Weak Flow From the Return Jets

If the flow of water from your return jets is getting weaker, that is a surefire sign that you have a problem with your pool’s pump system. When your pump stops working, the jets will stop producing any water at all, but sometimes it is not so sudden. If you notice your jets getting weaker, contact a swimming pool company for help.

Common Pool Pump Problems

Your swimming pool pump is a complex piece of equipment, and many things can go wrong with it. The most common pool pump problems range from burned-out motors to worn-out seals. No matter which of the following problems your pump is facing, Aquaman Pools’ pool pump team can help you repair or replace it.

Leaking Water

Often, you need help understanding how to know if your pool pump is leaking or broken. Leaking water may be as noticeable as a puddle or as subtle as a drop of water. Any leaking water will compromise the pressure inside your pump and reduce the water levels in your pool over time.

Leaking Air

Your pump could lose suction even when it is not leaking water. Sometimes, pumps start to leak air. The pressure buildup in your pump is delicately balanced, and any escaping air will harm that, reducing the pump’s effectiveness.

Loss of Prime

When your pool loses its prime, it means that there is not enough water flowing through it. This problem arises when your water levels get too low for enough water to get inside your skimmer. Water levels should come halfway up the opening for your skimmer. This problem can usually be solved by adding more water, but you might need professional help to address the underlying cause of the water loss.

Clogged Impellers

The impeller is the part of your pump that spins around, pushing water through the pump. When this piece is clogged or jammed, your entire pump will stop working. Clogged impellers are usually caused by small sticks, mulch, or debris that gets through the pump basket.

Motor Problems

The motor in your pool pump can seize up and overheat in several ways. The motor is responsible for rotating the impeller. So, when it breaks, your pump can’t do its job. Motors often overheat or seize due to age, clogs, or running dry. When your motor is damaged, you need professional pool pump motor repair and replacement services.

Broken Pump Baskets

Your pump basket is the last line of defense. Its job is to catch any sticks, leaves, or other debris that has made its way past your skimmer basket. When your pump basket is broken, damaged, or missing, those pieces of debris will make their way into the moving components of your pump, causing an obstruction.

When Do You Know You Need to Replace Your Pool Pump

It can be tough to decide whether to replace or repair your pump. Pool owners often ask us, “When do you know you need to replace your pool pump?” It’s not always a simple task. Our qualified pool technicians can help you understand if your pump is best suited with repairs or a total replacement, but there are a few factors you should consider, including:

  • Age of pump
  • Price of pump vs. cost of repairs
  • Advantage of a new and improved pump
  • Likelihood of future repairs
  • Energy-efficient pump options for your replacement

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Aquaman Pools is proud to be the leading swimming pool company in the Phoenix Valley area. We have worked in every major area, including Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Maricopa, Coolidge, and Gold Canyon. Now that you know about pool pump repair services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for professional help. We offer affordable repairs, friendly services, and 15 years of expertise. Request your swimming pool pump repair service estimate today!