Pool Filter Cleaning in the the Phoenix Valley

We always talk about how important regular maintenance, balancing of chemicals, and equipment inspections are. This preventative care helps your pool stay clean and running efficiently in order to get the most out of your investment.

In addition to weekly care, some pieces of equipment will need a little extra attention every once in a while. One of those pieces would be your pool filter. Pool filters catch particles, dirt, insects, debris, and other contaminants in order to remove them from the water. Their job is to help your pool water stay clear and avoid it from becoming unsafe for use. In addition to trapping uninvited contaminants, pool filters also assist in the circulation of your pool water. This helps disperse the chemicals that are added to your pool in order to keep it clear.

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

Importance of Pool Filter Cleanings

Like we said above, pool filters are crucial to keep your pool clean and balanced. However, if they don’t get an occasional cleaning, they can’t operate efficiently. The dirtier your filter gets, the less it will be able to clean. In addition, if your filter isn’t operating to its full potential it will begin to cost you more money on your energy bill and could lead to damages to your pump. This is due to the fact that your pool pump will have to work harder to clean your pool as it makes up for the filter’s slack. It’s safe to say that a well-maintained filter will last for years while a poorly cared for filter will lead to unnecessary costly repairs down the road.  So to avoid the extra costs, we recommend keeping up with filter cleanings. Aquaman Pools offers cleanings for all types of filters and can help get your filter back to its prime. 

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Pool Filter?

How often you should clean a pool filter really depends on the type of filter. A common sign to look out for is a drop in water quality. If your water seems to get dirty or cloudy more often, you may need a filter cleaning. The pressure gauge can also give you an idea of when a cleaning is needed. Make sure to keep note of the difference in pressure when its clean compared to when its dirty. Once the presssure rises about 10 psi, clean your filter. Also keep in mind that cleanings may be needed more often if your pool is getting a lot of use or if it’s monsoon season. We advise you to speak with one of our professionals to get a better idea of what your specific pool and filter need in order to give it the best care possible.

Can I Clean My Own Pool Filter?

Cleaning your pool filter can be messy and dangerous if you aren’t properly trained in doing so. First and foremost, you should always make sure all of the pressure is released before taking your filter apart. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself in an extremely dangerous situation as you take it apart. You also need to make sure that your filter is taken apart and put together in the right order to ensure correct and safe function when in use. The parts inside your filter should also be fully inspected before you reassemble to make sure they are working properly. Due to the need for extensive pool knowledge and experience, we highly recommend hiring a professional to clean your filter. Aquaman Pools will not only make sure that your filter gets cleaned, but will also make sure it’s functioning properly and gets reassembled correctly to ensure safety.