Tips To Keep Your Pool Water Clean And Clear

When you think of a swimming pool, you most likely picture beautiful, crystal clear, water. Your pool can bring your backyard together and make it look like paradise. If your pool water is left to become cloudy and dirty, the whole look of your yard can be ruined. Not only is clear water appealing to the eye, it shows that your pool is healthy. Dirty pool water can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can make it unsafe to enjoy.

Aquaman Pools has some quick tips to assist you in keeping your pool clean, clear, and ready to enjoy.

Skimming, Sweeping, Vacuum: Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid leaves and debris getting into your pool. This especially true if you have trees or other plants close to your pool. Thanks to mother nature, wind can also stir up dirt in the air and carry it into your pool. In Arizona, this issue is also very apparent during Monsoon Season when storms occur more often. The first step to remove leaves and debris is to skim the surface. If your pool is surrounded by a lot of foliage, you may find yourself needing to skim your pool every day. However, if that isn’t ideal, we recommend skimming at least once a week. In addition to skimming, you should sweep and vacuum the walls of your pool at least once a week. These steps will aide in removing additional debris and dirt from your pool that skimming can’t remove.

Skimmer and Pump Baskets: The baskets in your pool are there to help catch debris and other contaminates. This helps keep these contaminants from making their way into your pool’s equipment. The two baskets you’ll find are the skimmer and pump basket. These should be taken out and emptied at least once a week. If these are left alone, debris can build up and eventually lead to issues with your pool equipment.

Keep an Eye on Water Levels: Many pool owners aren’t aware of the importance of the level of their pool water. Ideally, the water should be level with the skimmer. This allows the skimmer and the pump to operate properly. If it becomes too low, the pump won’t receive water. This will lead to the pump running dry, overheating, and breaking down. If the water is too high, the skimmer won’t catch debris and contaminates in your pool.

Sanitization: If your water isn’t clear, it isn’t clean. Another way to keep your water clean and clear is sanitizing with Chlorine. This should be used on a regular basis. The easiest way to do this is to keep a Chlorine float in your pool at all times. In order to know when to add more chlorine tabs to the floater, you should test the pool water at least once a week to see where the Chlorine levels are at.

Keeping All Chemicals Balanced: Besides Chlorine, there are other chemicals that are crucial to keeping your pool in good health. You should keep a testing kit on hand so that you can check all levels at least once a week.

Aquaman Pools highly recommends all pool owners to follow these tips in order to have a healthy, clean pool. If you don’t have time to give your pool proper care, we can help with regular pool service. We have a full staff of knowledgeable pool techs that are ready to give your pool the best care possible. Give us a call today!

cleaning the swimming pool with a net