Swimming Pool Draining Services in Phoenix, AZ

There are certain instances in which it becomes necessary to drain your pool. For example, some repairs to pool plaster can only be carried out when the pool has been drained of water. But draining your pool can be a headache, and your pool actually depends on the pressure and weight of the water in order to maintain structural integrity.

Here at Aquaman Pools, we have experience with pool draining. We can come to your home, inspect your pool, and tell you if the best course of action is pool draining, or if we can make necessary repairs without draining. We want to make pool repair and maintenance as easy as possible for our customers, so we explore every option carefully before coming to a conclusion. If you would like to learn more about our pool draining service, or if you need to schedule maintenance or repair, please give us a call!

Pool in backyard

When Should You Drain Your Pool?

Many people wonder how to drain a pool, when they need to drain their pool, and more importantly, why they would need to drain their pool. In general, you should drain your pool every 3-5 years and add fresh water. Over time, it gets harder to balance the chemicals in the water, and eventually fresh water simply needs to be added in order to make maintenance easier. You may also need to drain your pool if its finish has built up an excess of mineral deposits. These deposits should be cleaned in order to restore the good looks of your pool’s interior. Lastly, crack repairs can only be carried out when the pool is empty.

It’s very easy to permanently damage your pool if you don’t handle the pool draining properly, and pool draining should always be done by a qualified, trained professional.

Here are a few things that could go wrong if you don’t hire a professional for pool draining:

  • Floating and Cracking – When you remove the water from your pool, hydrostatic pressure is generated. That’s because there is no water to push against the sides of the pool to counteract the pressure created when the cavity for the pool was dug. Hydrostatic pressure can cause the pool to lift and can crack the concrete support if not handled properly.
  • BlisteringYour pool’s plaster is used to certain conditions. When you drain your pool suddenly and without taking proper precautions, the plaster lining can start to blister under the hot Arizona sun.

Contact Aquaman Pools for Pool Draining

At Aquaman Pools, we have the experience and know-how to drain your pool the right way. In Phoenix, pool draining should be done in winter so the sun doesn’t damage the bare finish of your pool. Our experts will assess the condition of your pool and handle draining, repairs, and maintenance with the greatest care. Keep your pool in tip-top shape by working with us today!