How Much Pool Evaporation Is Normal In Phoenix?

There’s no doubt that owning a swimming pool in Arizona is key to keeping cool during the hot summer months. Most would agree that nothing feels better in 100 degree weather than diving into a 15,000 gallon pool. However, while it’s helping cool you off in the heat, the heat is also causing it to lose water at a consistent rate. While this is normal, it’s important to understand how much it should be losing and ways to help slow the evaporation.

How Much Is Normal?

In Arizona, the average pool holds about 10-15,000 gallons of water. Although this is a lot of water, your pool can lose almost the same amount to evaporation each year. This means that the average pool loses anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1 inch each week. So if you notice your pool losing that amount of water each week, especially in the summer, there is no need to worry. Arizona’s climate is ideal for evaporation and there is no avoiding it. However, If you see your pool losing an unusual amount of water, it very well could be time to diagnose the issue. Major water loss is usually the first sign of a pool leak. Pool leaks can be caused due to a handful of reasons and it’s crucial you locate and fix them as soon as possible. If ignored, they can lead to costly damages that will continue to grow and cause more issues to your pool. If you aren’t sure how much your pool is losing, a bucket test can help determine the amount of water your pool is losing each day.

How Can You Slow Evaporation?

While evaporation is inevitable, there are a few ways you can help lower the amount of water your pool is losing each day.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are a great way to control evaporation and not enough people take advantage of it. Not all pool covers are the same and you should make sure to explore your options before committing to one. Some are mechanical, some not. Some retain heat, while others don’t. Some are expensive, and some are cheap. It all just depends on what YOU prefer. Pool covers not only help with evaporation but they can help keep debris out of your pool and reduce the need for chemicals as well. No matter which one you buy, make sure you go over how to properly use it and any safety precautions that need to be taken. Your pool maintenance company can also walk you through this if you have questions.


Believe it or not, wind blowing over your pool can substantially increase the amount of water evaporating from your pool. This is true whether it’s wind going 5 mph or wind in the middle a monsoon. To help avoid this increase, we suggest installing windbreakers to break the wind and slow the evaporation. Windbreakers can be in the form of fencing, shrubs, trees, etc. Place these around your pool and you will most definitely see a difference in water loss.

Avoid Overfilling

People, especially kids, love splashing around in pool water. However, it’s important not to splash water out of the pool in order to avoid increased evaporation loss. In order to do so, make sure to never overfill your pool. Obviously it’s impossible to keep every drop of water inside, but an overfilled pool will allow copious amounts of water to be lost due to splashing. Make sure to regularly check fill valves to avoid this unnecessary water loss.

Bottom Line

No matter what, the Arizona heat will cause your pool water to evaporate in some amount. While you can’t avoid it, the solutions mentioned above will surely keep it to a minimum. We also want to note that you should regularly check chemical levels as they may become unbalanced the more water that is lost. We know that you installed a pool to enjoy it, and our pool service techs at Aquaman Pools want to help you do just that. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have or to help take on your pool maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about it. Your pool should be a place of fun and relaxation. Don’t let too much evaporation loss be the reason it can’t be just that.